Welcome to my blog!

My blog

Well, here it is; My blog. I hope you’ll find it useful or even that I can help you out with my content for whatever problem you’re facing. If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know.

The content

You’ll may have noticed that I write about both Ops and Dev subjects because, well, I’m JeffOps :wink:

Why Dev and Ops?

All kidding aside, in the beginning of my professional career I started as purely Ops but quickly started to automate my own work. But then, at the Microsoft MVP Summit of 2016, I walked into a session (because I had some time to fill) about what was coming in the future version of .NET: Dot NET Core (!!!). This awakened something in me, and I immediately started fiddling around with it. Please keep in mind that I had no .NET experience other than calling some basic .NET classes in PowerShell, so basically no experience whatsoever :wink:.

The result

Fast-forward a year or 7 and I’ve ended up quite proficient in making things do what I want in .NET. I’ve never followed a class, read and analyzed a LOT of code, copy-pasted and learned from the code of others. I especially want to thank Nick Chapsas and Milan Jovanovic for their content because they have helped me a lot wiht their content. There have been many more men and woman that helped me, either in person or by online content, but these two I want to thank in particular. Thanks, all! :blush: